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Mattress Depot USA was started in 2003 by local UW Alumni David Smith. Mattress Depot USA was started out of a 400 square foot public storage warehouse in Issaquah, WA. The idea came about when David was shopping for a new mattress set with his wife, Torey Smith. After shopping at most of the other mattress stores and retail chains, they felt that most of the stores treated customers poorly, used overaggressive sales tactics, lacked sufficient inventory, and were way overpriced. Later on, David put ads on Craigslist and in the newspaper classified ads to sell his old mattress sets and could not believe the overwhelming response. David sold all three of his mattress sets in one day and continued to receive many calls. This lead David to believe that there was a need that was not being met by the other mattress stores and retail chains. David felt that he could be successful selling mattress sets out of a storage warehouse by under pricing all the other mattress stores and providing a very friendly hassle free atmosphere.

After negotiating several purchase contracts with local mattress manufacturers, David began selling mattresses on an appointment only basis out of the storage warehouse. In order to keep up with the demand, Mattress Depot USA began to open up mutiple warehouse store locations throughout the greater Seattle area. Most of the original employees were friends and family who had fallen on hard times. It was David's goal to create an organization that allowed these friends and family to be successful and provide financial security for their families. Since the beginning, David has had to lead the organization through challenges such as unethical competitors who have tried to slander its image by posting falsified negative reviews with online websites. Despite the competitive nature of the industry, Mattress Depot USA continues to grow substantially and meet the mattress and bedding needs of the Greater Puget Sound Communities.

Kennewick Store
731 Columbia Center Blvd, Ste 130
Kennewick,  WA   99336
Phone: 509-374-1581
Fax: 509-374-0632
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